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Our Packages

Barista to you...

Premium Espresso Bar

What's Included:

  • Handcrafted, made-to-order hot and iced single origin espresso beverages, coffee beans roasted fresh

  • Non-espresso beverages (chai tea lattes, hot chocolates, steamers); loose-leaf teas by request

  • Cold brew coffee (upgrade to nitro cold brew available) - freshly brewed (custom recipe)

  • Seasonal Monin syrups (includes sugar-free option)

  • Selection of dairy and non-dairy options - typically whole/lowfat + almond + oat

  • Eco-friendly cups. lids, stir sticks and selection of sugars

  • Served by trained, uniformed baristas using top-of-the-line equipment and products

  • Standalone station on wheels with black draping; bar upgrades are available or can work with preferred rentals

Minimum: 150 guests, 2 hour service

The perfect blend...

Espresso & Donuts

What's Included:

  • Complete espresso bar services outlined above

  • Made to order, your guests will be treated to a donut display as they watch our unique machine dispense and freshly fry each donut. Last stop? Hot mini donuts straight into your guests' hands.

  • Standard toppings include powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, and cocoa powder

  • Custom toppings and/or gluten-free donuts can be provided, please inquire

  • Donuts will be bagged for your guests to enjoy...great for a departure treat

  • Served by two trained, uniformed attendants

Minimum: 150 guests, 2 hour service

On a budget?

Simple Service

What's Included:

  • Handcrafted, made-to-order hot espresso beverages (does not include iced beverages, cold brew or teas)

  • Seasonal Monin syrups 

  • Selection of dairy options 

  • Cups. lids, stir sticks and selection of sugars

  • Served by a trained, uniformed barista

  • Standalone station - smaller espresso machine built for lower guest flow


Minimum: 100 guests, 2 hour service

Make it your own...


  • Drip Coffee Station - standard or decorative insulated urns available

  • Nitro Cold Brew - fresh nitrogen-infused keg tapped for each event

  • Nitro Tea - fresh nitrogen-infused keg with gourmet loose-leaf tea, freshly brewed

  • Affogato Bar - premium ice cream or gelato 

  • Cold Coffee/Beverage Bar - ice blendeds, fruit smoothies, and more for those hot days

  • Pastries/Baked Goods - customized to your request

  • Upgraded Bar - Brew Ha Ha custom built bars, specialty linens, etc.

  • Upgraded Espresso Machines - Brew Ha Ha has over 30 machines/looks for your event

Custom proposal to be provided based on your requirements

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