tasting notes: raspberry | nectarine | guava | fruit punch


origin: costa rica

farm: hacienda sonora

region: central valley

varietal: SL-28

process: yellow honey


All coffee from Hacienda Sonora is processed using Honey or Natural methods to obtain distinct sweetness in the cup and enhance the fruit notes that complement the body of the cup profiles. Employing only Natural and Honey processing methods eliminates water usage and saves three gallons of water per pound of coffee that is typically needed in Washed processing. 100% of the power consumed by the farm is generated from renewable energy sources on the property. Sustainable power is harvested from a natural freshwater stream with a special turbine known as a Pelton Wheel. This energy supplies power to the coffee mill and generates a portion of free electricity for workers living on the farm. Hacienda Sonora provides free accommodations for each worker and their families in the farm’s houses.


Sonora's commitment is to achieve the best quality among our different varietals while maintaining perfect harmony with nature and staff.

costa rica sonora {raspberry-nectarine-guava}

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